Frustrated at not quite being on the same pace as your track colleagues; confidence knocked every time you get overtaken and don't seem to have the pace to respond? nitePace is designed with one simple goal in mind: to help you visually discover where you gain and lose those precious seconds on track.

Video your sessions using your normal equipment and load the video files into nitePace to see your laptimes and deltas, compare with friends and foe, organise your videos

Time, Compare, Organise

Ultra Responsive


Add lap markers to your video to get your timings.
Instantly see your best lap and sectors.

Easy to Customize


Compare your laps against others' to see where and how you could be quicker.

Clean and Elegant Design


Organise your session video in the Library for immediate and easy access.
Search by car, circuit, driver etc.


Add markers

Add lap and sector markers into video timeline

Adding lap and sector markers to your track videos means you can compare your timings lap for lap, sector for sector. The Auto-Advance feature makes marking up a breeze.

View times

Lap and sector times calculated from markers

View all lap and sector times in the timings table or sort it to instantly see your best laps or sectors.

Watch deltas

Real time display during playback

Watch timings and deltas during video playback to see where and when you are gaining or losing time.

Skip laps

Easy cueing of video to sector starts

Skip playback to the next or previous lap or sector makes analysing your technique quicker and easier as you can watch the same corner again and again.

Compare sessions

Side by side video

Compare and share your sessions with colleagues; analyse their driving styles to improve yours.

Download nitePace Windows (requires Windows 10 or later)

Latest Release 1.2.12 (21 March 2024)

  • Free fully featured evaluation version
  • Time sectors from video
  • Compare sectors
  • Organise and search video library

Buy nitePace Licence Key


  • Single-user, personal licence
  • Licence key emailed by return