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Tracknite Shift: 6-stage Shift light, tachometer and voltmeter

Tracknite Shift works with most engines and ECUs that output a tach signal (0 to 5V or 0 to 12V) or it can be wired to the negative, switched side of the ignition coil.

Some engine management systems [I'm looking at you AEM Performance Electronics] produce a tacho signal which is only low-side switched. In these situations an external resistor should be connected from the ECU tach ouput signal to +12V. Resistors in the range 1000 to 4000 ohms are generally suitable for this purpose.

A range of cylinder options can be configured via the menus. We think we've got you covered in the following table, but if you have an unusual scenario, please contact support for a solution.

ratio pulses:revoulutionsEngine types
1:2Coil on plug, or single-cylinder
1:1Wasted spark
3:13-cylinder wasted spark

The sequence can be configured to any of the following:

  • Classic: 6-stage sequence - LEDs light incrementally, left to right
  • Chunky: 3-stage sequence - LEDs light incrementally, in pairs, left to right
  • Centre: 3-stage sequence - LEDs light incrementally, in pairs, outside to inside
  • Dot: 6-stage sequence - Only one LED is on at a time. Most useful for launch control or general indication
  • None: Shift light is disabled, no LEDs light up (other than alarm LEDs)

Yes, please contact support to specify the colour sequence before ordering (we can fit red, green, blue and amber LEDs). We aim to dispatch bespoke units within 7 days.

We can source other display colours, but these would be special order as we only hold the white displays in stock. Please contact support for pricing and lead times.

The graphic is programmed in at the time of manufacture. We can reprogram with your personalised graphic as a special order. Please contact support for pricing and graphic specifications.

nitePace Desktop Video Comparison Software

To select a single cell, simply click the cell.

To add a second cell to your current selection:

  1. press and hold the control key
  2. click the cell to include
  3. release the control key