Sequential Shift Light, tachometer and battery monitor

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Tracknite Shift is the perfect way to remove the uncertainty of relying on instinct to judge when to shift gear. 6 high-quality LEDs illuminate in sequence to help you be more consistent timing your gear changes.


Peak rpm storage records the highest rpm, which can highlight driving issues or engine over revs.

Elapsed run time of the engine is recorded to assist with judging maintenance schedules.


The 5-digit digital tachometer shows instantaneous values up to 20 000 rpm. Useful for holding the correct launch rpm and noting rpm at locations around the track.


A voltmeter with battery monitor is included to give you early warning of electrical issues that could wreck your race.


Shift Light

Reliable gear change indication

Changing gear at the optimum moment using instinct alone can be imprecise and uncertain. Tracknite’s sequential shift light illuminates 6 LEDs over your chosen rpm range to remove all doubt and inconsistency.

The 6 elegant oval LEDs can be configured in a 6-stage or 3-stage sequence, with the 3-stage offering either left-to-right, or outer-to-inner options. The rpm of the first step and the last step of the sequence are configurable, with the intermediate steps being automatically calculated. A flash rpm can also be configured to flash the LEDs on and off rapidly.

To match these 6- and 3-stage patterns, we settled on a green- amber-blue LED colour scheme, largely inspired by the green- red-blue layout seen in F1. Bespoke colour schemes are available (from a palette of red, green, blue and amber LEDs), please contact support for further details.


5-digit with peak recall and elapsed run time

The 5-digit digtal tachometer is great for monitoring revs prior to race starts, or simply for holding the correct revs during noise scrutineering. Once the car returns to the pits, the peak rpm recall shows whether the driver exceeded engine limits.

Alongside the the peak rpm telltale, the unit also records how many hours the engine has run higher than 30% of the shift point, which helps keep track of maintenance schedules, or approximate session time on track days.


With battery low alarm

The 4-digit digital voltmeter provides an insight into the general state of your battery and charging system. It gives you peace of mind that the voltage regulator in the alternator is doing its job or, on a total loss system, that there is enough charge to make it to the end of the race without switching off non-essential accessories.

Background Monitoring

Stall alarm and vehicle low-battery alarm

The system monitors rpm and battery voltage in the background regardless of which parameter is being shown on the main display. The monitoring can raise an alarm if the rpm drops below 500rpm (on the grid for example) or if the battery voltage drops below a preset level (indicating failed alternator or a low battery on total loss systems).

Simple to Use


We’ve worked hard to create a simple menu system so that you can configure the unit anywhere without needing to consult the instruction manual. No counting LED flashes, reading arcane 3-letter abbreviations or revving engines to a precise rpm to set shift points. LEDs and Display brightness are adjustable to suit your preference and ambient conditions.

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  • 6 High-quality LEDs (bespoke LED colour choice available)
  • 20 000 rpm tachometer and stall alarm
  • Voltmeter and low-battery alarm
  • Peak rpm recall
  • Elapsed run time counter
  • Simple to use

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